Advanced Home Watch in Sarasota, is a leader in the professional home watch industry. Providing a visual observation of your seasonal home, condo, or investment property, we are the experts in looking for those obvious issues.

Our goal is to recognize and address small problems before they become a major issue! Advanced Home Watch provides regular and frequent visits to your home to minimize the likelihood of unwanted headaches and other issues that can arise when a property is left unattended. Upon completion of a thorough inspection customized to your needs, an electronic detailed report will communicate to you the time we enter and leave your property along with our findings…no matter where you are! You will instantly have the ability to see our results and to promptly authorize necessary action to reduce the risk of further damage.

Home Watch Services

Unfortunately, there are many things that can and will happen in an unoccupied home from power outages, leaky water heaters, insects, rodents, and mold issues, to name just a few.

Advanced Home Watch offers inspection programs that are customized to meet your individual home needs.

Our programs are designed for weekly and bi-weekly home inspections to monitor your home using our comprehensive 30+ checklist.

Condo Watch Services

A portion of the clients we serve opt for condos because they frequently travel and love being able to simply lock the door and head out on their next adventure knowing that their home is safe, sound, and well-cared for by Advanced Home Watch.

  • Coordinate repairs, installations, and services.
  • Delivery services, and mail and package receipt.
  • Cleaning service – provide choices, schedule, and key-in.
  • Auto attention. 

Custom Services

While our #1 priority is protecting and monitoring your home & property, Advanced Home Watch offers a variety of added professional services. We realize from time to time our clients may need a little extra help to make life in SW Florida a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

Free In-Home Consultation