In the wake of the current health crisis in our communities, Advanced Home Watch stands ready to ensure your home is safe & secure. Our mission has always been centered around our commitment to protect the, safety, and comfort of the families we serve. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking even stronger measures internally and externally to make sure that we deliver upon this commitment.

To better protect our customers and service agents, we have enacted the following protocols:

  • We will follow the guidelines and safety tips outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • We ask precautionary questions prior to booking an appointment. Please let our agents know if anyone has experienced illness in your home, so that we can take the necessary health precautions to try and halt any further spread of the COVID-19 virus
  • Our agents will arrive to your home with gloves, masks, and booties
  • We clean our equipment in between all service calls
  • Our agents will operate under formalized safety guidelines to protect themselves and others throughout the home watch service call.
  • If you have questions about any of these processes, please contact us to make sure we address any concerns you have ahead of time.

The safety and health of you, your families and our employees are our top priority. Should we have any other announcement around protocols changing, we will update this statement.

Thank you very much for your understanding,
Advanced Home Watch 

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